Gil Mellé – Waterbirds (Full Album)

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Gilbert John “Gil” Mellé (31 December 1931 – 28 October 2004) was an American artist, jazz musician and film composer.

A1 Waterbirds (Pt. 1)
A2 Waterbirds (Pt. 2) 7:33
A3 Walkin’ Down The Gloomy Streets…Alone…Broke…Depressed…Gonna Kill Myself Blues 14:09
B1 Little Big Horn 19:08
B2 The Love Song 28:29
B3 My Sweet Charlie 30:01
B4 Charlie Chaplin 36:20

“Waterbirds” (both parts) from the “Forest Primeval” episode of the TV series “Then Came Bronson” [original airdate March 4, 1970 per imdb].

“Walkin’ Down the Gloomy Streets…” from the soundtrack to Jerry Freedman’s documentary “Watts.”

“My Sweet Charlie” from the soundtrack to the Universal TV movie “My Sweet Charlie” [aired in early 1970, according to].

Dave Parlato (tracks: A2, A3, AA4 to AA7)  – bass (Fender)
Gil Mellé – composer, arranger, conductor, soprano saxophone, special electronic musical instruments
Fred C. Stofflet – drums
Art Johnson (tracks: A2, A3, A5), Joe Cinderella (tracks: A1) – guitar
Pete Robinson (tracks: AA4, AA6, AA7) – piano (Fender)


Nocturne – NRS 702 (US)