Chick Corea & The Spanish Heart Band at Leopolis Jazz Fest (2019)

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Leopolis Jazz Fest – Ukraine, Lviv (June,2019).

“Chick Corea – a world-famous pianist and composer, and 22-time Grammy Award winner – will perform with his project The Spanish Heart Band. The name itself brings us back to the legendary 1976 album My Spanish Heart, an explosive mix of jazz fusion and traditional Latin music. The new project by Chick Corea combines works from the albums My Spanish Heart and Touchstone. This programme is a tribute to his love of Spanish and Latin American music, which has always been an important component in work by this famous musician.

Chick Corea decided to give us a rare opportunity to hear live music that has already become history, as well as to experience the mastery of great band musicians, including a wonderful dancer, as music and dance are something that is impossible to imagine without flamenco culture.” – Leopolis Jazz Fest.

Chick Corea – piano
Jorge Pardo – saxophone, flute
Michael Rodriguez – trumpet
Steve Davis – trumpet
Niño Josele – guitar
Carlitos Del Puerto – bass
Marcus Gilmore – drums
Luisito Quintero – percussion
Nino de los Reyes – dancer