Bley, Haden, Motian ‎– Memoirs (Full Album)

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Memoirs is an album by pianist Paul Bley, bassist Charlie Haden and drummer Paul Motian recorded in 1990 and released on the Italian Soul Note label.

“Memoirs serves as a tidy summation of Paul Bley’s gifts as an individual and musical conversationalist. It helps that he converses with old friends. Paul Motian is, roughly, to the drums what Bley is to the piano, capable of sculpting icy, paradoxical emotions; on moment’s notice, they can venture “out” where tonal centers and rhythmic pulses are not invited. And there, always, is the fundamental Charlie Haden, who demonstrates how a few well-placed notes and well-observed silences can lock a group texture into place.” – Josef Woodard/AllMusic.

Track listing:
“Memoirs” (Paul Bley) – 9:50
“Monk’s Dream” (Thelonious Monk) – 7:55
“Dark Victory” (Charlie Haden) – 4:19
“Latin Genetics” (Ornette Coleman) – 7:49
“This Is the Hour” (Paul Motian) – 6:09
“Insanity” (Paul Bley) – 4:14
“New Flame” (Charlie Haden) – 9:45
“Sting a Ring” (Paul Motian) – 7:07
“Blues for Josh” (Charlie Haden) – 5:27
“Enough Is Enough” (Paul Motian) – 8:14

Recorded at Mondial Sound in Milano, Italy on July 20, 1990.

Paul Bley — piano
Charlie Haden — bass
Paul Motian — drums


Released: 1990
Recorded: July 20, 1990
Length: 70:49
Label: Soul Note
Producer Giovanni Bonandrini