Benny Goodman Quartet – Avalon

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  • Benny Goodman – clarinet
  • Lionel Hampton – vibraphone
  • Teddy Wilson – piano
  • Gene Krupa – drums
  • With George Duvivier on bass.


Carlos Cartwrigt says:

Benny, genial anos felices la swing era

Edgar Cook says:

Anyway,did any of you listen the Columbia "1937 Airchecks" album? (OSL-180). Gene demonstrates here how he laid down the rhythm over the descending figures in "Avalon".

Edgar Cook says:

Gene actually DIED that same year–just watch him go,man,go! Always my hero,if I were to have any…When they call a swing tune on the bandstand,this is where I'll be! (In the drum chair).

John Whitehead says:

Great music – wonderful tune

jacques deghorain says:

Benny Goodman et ses " all stars " Ils étaient terriblement bons, ces 4 complices-là !!! Cette complicité, on la voyait très bien parce que, en pleine action, Goodman restait constamment en contact avec ses musiciens : ils

étaient également ses amis : ce groupe jouait avec des personnes parfaitement soudées : une machine extrêmement bien huilée et qui semblait tourner toute seule : résultat d'une entente exceptionnelle entre ces hommes, à leur top niveau depuis déjà trés longtemps. Ce n'est pas pour demain qu'on fera aussi bien !!! Quelle chance formidable d'avoir tous ces enregistrements !!! Ils ne mourrons jamais ces gars-là !!!

Dorothy Gale says:

'The hot club of Cow Town'
has a good rendition of Avalon.

Robert Vavra says:

The only thing that isn't timeless about this wonderful video is Doc Severinsen's ridiculous outfit.

George Pyle says:

Krupa is freakin amazing!

Simon Taylor says:

The Beatles of their day (though they were not composers)

crankbv1 says:

Oh man! All my Christmases have come at once here. Unbelievable.

BrickPa says:

Does anyone remember the movie "Benny Goodman Story" wasn't here a bit in a restaurant where Hampton is working as a waiter and he does a vibe solo playing this tune for Goodman?

Steve Percoco says:

Technically a quintet; they added a bass player but didn't need to with that famous rhythm section.

John Fury says:

Never tire of hearing that one!

Joanette Murcia says:

Monsters here. !!!!! unforgettable………

Rio Rivera says:

My question is ………..who is playing that mean string bass?

Dan Wacker says:

Not to take away from the outstanding playing but why is Gene sitting on what appears to be a trash can lol

Emmett Hoops says:

If there's an afterlife, I bet fans are still arguing to see who's better: Artie or Benny!

William L Robinson says:

Great Music by some of the greatest musicians ever. Lionel is one of the greatest vib musicians ever.

Gaylord Buzzard says:

This quartet looks a lot like a quintet to me.

Joanette Murcia says:

Genius…….I can´t stand my heart thrill ……..


they didn't call him the KING OF SWING for nothing. AMAZING.

Ed McDowell says:

Saw Goodman live twice and GKGseveral times .Wonderful times.

musicmaker1961 says:

Thanks for this upload ! what a great performance by four of the greatest Jazz musicians  really enjoyed it!

Laura Lambresi says:

This was the #1 song the year I was born.

Laura Lambresi says:

Love his quartet! Saw him live in SanDiego "Jazz At The Philharmonic " !!! One of the highlights of my life!


My father's favorite band of all of them

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