Zoot Sims with Scott Hamilton – It Had To Be You

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“Recorded four months before his death and three days after what was thought to have been his final recording, this jam-session CD is notable not only as the last Zoot Sims record but the only one to team him with fellow tenor Scott Hamilton. Since Zoot was one of Hamilton’s idols, the Swedish concert was a happy affair. Joined by pianist Claes Crona, bassist Arne Wilhelmsson, and drummer Per Hulten, the two tenors battle it out (with mutual respect) on lengthy versions of such standards as “Gone With the Wind,” “Indiana,” “Sunday,” and “Just You, Just Me.” A historic encounter that lives up to expectations and shows that Zoot Sims never did decline.” – Scott Yanow/AllMusic.

Track listing:
01. It Had to Be You – 00:00
02. I Gone with the Wind – 10:44
03. Indiana – 21:09
04. Easy Living – 31:59
05. Sunday – 39:04
06. Broadway – 49:02
07. Just You , Just Me – 59:40

Zoot Sims – tenor saxophone
Scott Hamilton – tenor saxophone
Claes Crona – piano
Arne Wilhelmsson – bass
Per Hulten – drums


Label: Gemini Records
Format: CD, Album
Country: Norway
Released: 2000
Recorded: at Hagaskolans aula Bortänge, Sweden, November 24, 1984.