Wynton Marsalis Quintet Featuring Mark O’Connor and Frank Vignola – Sweet Georgia Brown

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“Sweet Georgia Brown” is a jazz standard and pop tune composed in 1925 by Ben Bernie and Maceo Pinkard.

Jazz in Marciac – August 1, 2010 – The Wynton Marsalis Quintet performing a swinging interpretation of Sweet Georgia Brown, featuring Mark O’Connor (violin) and Frank Vignola (guitar).

Wynton Marsalis (trumpet); Dan Nimmer (piano); Walter Blanding (tenor saxophone); Carlos Henriquez (bass); Ali Jackson (drums).



June Cartar says:

a classic if there ever was one

Daniel Callaway says:

Such a terrific rendition of such a cool piece. The "dueling" violin and guitar brought that piece to life initially and it kept rolling from then on. It's almost impossible to not want to snap your fingers, tap your foot or clap along. Drum solo was awesome. He brought Buddy's spirit out on that hi-hat. The ability of these talented musicians to mesh the way that they do almost makes me speechless, especially during the 2/4 changing to 4/4 and back. The passion felt in each note is musicality at its finest.

BirdsAdventuresInWoodworking says:


Bilal Hijjawi says:

So good, so precise.

Teguh Pambudi says:

If I can borrow Wynton's trumpet can I play like he plays.? 😀

jagermeister5 says:


roy childs says:

What a great way to start my day. Joyful is the word.

Ribamar B. Filho says:


michael maltby says:

At 4:49 love the way Ali the drummer compliments Wynton for just that second.

Maria Alejandra Mendez says:


spocksleftball says:

Speechless awesome

Leidi Zingara says:


Benjamin Otto says:

Wow! my goodness! When are you visiting Cape Town, South Africa?

David Smith says:

Those are some badddd cccaaatttss……………….!

zebra3stripes says:

Because his name ends in "nola" Frank is required by law to be an excellent jazz guitarist.

DrStabkill says:

this is faaaaaaantasmigoric

ken weedon says:

Really inspired breakneck fireworks

Ross Cicero says:

I don't have enough strength to pick my jaw off the floor.

Yiu says:

Vignola is BADASS

Russell Messina says:

great i listen often

Ethan Halligan says:

huh , a violin player ripping on sweet georgia brown. that's new

Marie MEISELS says:

quel bonheur! quelle merveille! avec une musique pareille j'oublie d'avoir sommeil et j'irais bien jusqu'au bout de la nuit

Norbert Ertel says:

If the two of them have played anything of importance that was great…Please let me know….

Mario Griffey says:

A new Django and a new Stephane Grappelly, a sweet remember to these

Marcelo Calixto says:

Don´t get me wrong I absolutely love blues, and understand it. but I still don´t get Jazz, it seems to be very deep, the metrics, I´m still learning to try to understand it. Seems to be much more complex. Isn´t it?

Edna Fernandes says:


Madone52SL says:

Not too many musicians would be willing to follow Mark O'Connor. Wynton Marsalis has the personal music cred and security to follow anybody. What a group!

Kamohelo Hlatshwayo says:

Hahahaha the drummist got in spirit and that was just a very epic disruption hahahaha love it, enjoyed it

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