Wayne Shorter Quartet – Live In Paris 2012

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Concert recorded on 2012 November 3rd at La Salle Pleyel, Paris.

Wayne Shorter – saxophones,
John Patitucci – upright bass,
Danilo Perez – piano,
Brian Blade – drums.


george eskiadis says:

Could someone post a lis oft all the tracks from this live concert please. Are they all Shorter compositions? thanks

handsomegrooves says:

handsomegrooves – yes indeed!

fhgwdads05 says:

26:57 Danilo groans into the piano mic, wtf hahahaha. This is killin, tho

Joel Stewart says:

This is off the charts. It's where jazz was supposed to go.

Jonathan Graber says:

53:00 is a weather report song!

hodaka1105 says:

"Prometheus Unbound" about 26:40

hodaka1105 says:

Joy Ryder 1:27:35

David Nielsen says:

One thing: There is no ego in the mind of great artists, only in the mind of a player.

hodaka1105 says:

Thank you. This is the greatest performance !!! Eternally.

Ron Houghton says:

Shame it took to fucking long to start…Guess who voted it down…

hodaka1105 says:

Starry Night 1:00:30

hodaka1105 says:

plaza real 51:50

themusicofmiles says:

i was there! what a great concert!

Lloyd Massett says:

Cooollicious!! LIVERPOOl.

roberto andreucci says:

music that comes from the past , the present and the future
a music that transcends any physical element , and transports the natural feelings elsewhere
Wayne Shorter for me is the greatest composer in jazz history

Natalia K says:

Lovin' Your channel! 😀

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