Children of the Light (Danilo Pérez, John Patitucci, Brian Blade) – Suite for the Americas

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Children of the Light is Danilo Pérez on piano, John Patitucci on bass, and Brian Blade on drums. Here they perform “Suite for the Americas” by Danilo Pérez as part of a clinic for the Berklee Global Jazz Institute for which Danilo is the artistic director and John Patitucci is faculty.


“Suite for the Americas” (Danilo Pérez)


Danilo Pérez – piano
John Patitucci – bass
Brian Blade – drums



darkasthegrave says:

For those keeping score, that's Brian Blade making a $100 Pearl Sensitone sound like a $2000 Black Beauty.

Jorge Andres Gonzalez Romero says:

Donde está el botón de triple like?

Toon Rumen says:

I want more of this!

Tara Verde says:

perez is poetry

Mario Calzada says:

Jazz un two words:
Brian Blade

dr05guitar says:

Brian B is such an instinctual, in-the-moment player, he just oozes that. Awesome stuff

Marco Luparia says:

Is.this a yamaha birch bop kit? Sounds great!

RootsBassCanada says:

Just dope!!

Luis Mora says:

Which are the heads that Brian is using?

Greek Pasta Salad says:

In addition to being a journalist at the 'Daily Planet' Clark Kent (John Patitucci) is also a professional and an extraordinary bass player when he's not saving the world from monsters. ( ^ _ ^ )

Duke Vai says:

Brian Blade is out of this world!! he is and ET!! AMAZING!!!

didier d'agostino says:

Friendships to Berclee College of Music ! I LOVE IT! from Didier D'Agostino /drummer (i played in France with RHODA SCOTT (organ ) in 1992 ,Etienne M'Bappe,Guy N'Sangue, Thierry Mineau and others musicians ).My teacher in 1975 was GUY HAYAT (of your house !).

Justin Alexander says:

13:4013:48 BRIAN

Justin Alexander says:

anyone else cry beside me

Samuel Goodall says:


Juan says:

When I watch them with eyes opened, I can only hear one at a time. But if I close my eyes then I can see all three playing together. I find closing my eyes opens my perception. But also, by just watching them I feel I learn how to play, the dynamics of it and how the body dances with the instrument.

David Kelly says:

The tempo around 7:30 is UP. The the pianist starts tripletting…

H Mohr says:

Thanks for this

Ian Coburn says:

They killed those few bars at 8:08. Brilliant

Nando Peyton says:

lester freamon on the drums?

bmvkman says:

13:36 that kid in the background gets it

Nikos Charalambous says:

@1:55 Do you hear that chord? Do you see the guy in the front row getting the chills?… That's what its about…

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