Wayne Shorter- Atlantis (Full Album)

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Atlantis is the sixteenth album by Wayne Shorter. It was released on the Columbia label in 1985 and was Shorter’s first solo album since 1974.

Track listings:
Endangered Species” (Shorter, Joseph Vitarelli) – 4:47
The Three Marias” (Wayne Shorter) – 5:48
The Last Silk Hat” (Wayne Shorter) – 5:25
When You Dream” (E. Lee, Shorter) – 4:28
Who Goes There!” (Wayne Shorter) – 5:29
Atlantis” (Wayne Shorter) – 4:34
Shere Khan, the Tiger” (Wayne Shorter) – 2:15
Criancas” (Wayne Shorter) – 3:40
On the Eve of Departure” (Wayne Shorter)– 5:55

Wayne Shorter – soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Jim Walker – flute, alto-flute, piccolo
Yaron Gershovsky – piano
Michiko Hill – piano
Joseph Vitarelli – synthesizer, piano
Michael Hoenig – synthesizer programming
Larry Klein – electric bass
Ralph Humphrey – drums
Alex Acuña – drums, percussion
Lenny Castro – percussion
Diana Acuña, Dee Dee Bellson, Nani Brunel, Trove Davenport, Sanaa Larhan, Edgy Lee, Kathy Lucien – vocals


Released: 1985
Recorded: 1985
Los Angeles, CA
Length: 42:21
Label: Columbia
Producer: Wayne Shorter, Joseph Vitarelli