Tony Bennett – I Wanna Be Around

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I Wanna Be Around (Sadie Vimmerstedt, Johnny Mercer).

Tony Bennett – vocals.


The Era says:


luckyfrank562 says:

Kick that fucking mule Lee!

James Medina says:

bong hits with uncle joey.

lucy bond says:

You no what ??? —– There is nobody who can top this . Period.

chris rosas says:

where's Tony Bennett cocksucka

Christopher Cassidy says:

"Where's that mothaaa fuckaaa Tony Bennet at, Lee?"

Roy Reynolds says:

Big Up Uncle Joey

Beatle Fan says:

Eu não sabia que o Tony tinha feito uma versão de Emoções, do Roberto Carlos.
O estranho é que foi feita, vinte anos antes.

frylock456 says:


dw420 says:

Oh SHIT!! Break out the gorilla biscuits, cocksuckas!!

Rocky says:

LEE! your slippin! where's that Tony Bennett get it together cocksucka!!!

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