Tobin Mueller – Eleanor Rigby

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“Eleanor Rigby” from the album “Standard Deviations”.

“This has always been one of my favorite Beatles songs – not just because of its concise poetic lyrics, but also its subtle use of major-minor shifts that shape its haunting melody. Dark harmonic chord substitutions create tension above the triplet rhythmic bed, my way of expressing the tragic expectation of joy and sense of loss behind McCartney’s lyrics. The emotional eruption during the climax frames the restraint of everything that comes before and after, as often happens in life.

This arrangement features Woody Mankowski on soprano sax, Lamar A. Moore on hand percussion, Mike Nappi on drums, Kenny Cash on bass, and Tobin Mueller on acoustic piano, electric pianos, synths, organ. It was recorded at Factory Underground Studio, Kenny Cash engineer.

Eleanor Rigby is the 3rd track from Volume 1 of “Standard Deviations”. The album pays homage to the greatest jazz standards of the last 100 years by with contemporary arrangements that deviate from the past.” (Tobin Mueller).

Recorded at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT (2017-2018).