The Gary McFarland Orchestra – The Gary McFarland Orchestra Special Guest Soloist: Bill Evans

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The Gary McFarland Orchestra is an album by Gary McFarland’s Orchestra with guest soloist jazz pianist Bill Evans recorded in 1963 for the Verve label.

Track listing:
All compositions by Gary McFarland
Reflections in the Park” – 3:44
Night Images” – 5:54
Tree Patterns” – 4:58
Peach Tree” – 5:05
Misplaced Cowpoke” – 10:15
A Moment Alone” – 6:10
Recorded at Webster Hall in New York City on January 24, 1963

Gary McFarland – vibraphone, arranger, conductor
Bill Evans – piano
Phil Woods – clarinet
Spencer Sinatra – alto saxophone, flute
Julien Barber, Allan Goldberg – viola
Aaron Juvelier, Joseph Tekula – cello
Jim Hall – guitar
Richard Davis – bass
Ed Shaughnessy – drums


Released: 1963
Recorded: January 24, 1963
Label: Verve
Producer: Creed Taylor