Spyro Gyra ‎– Carnaval (Full Album)

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Carnaval is the fourth album by Spyro Gyra, released in 1980. It was given gold record status on June 1, 1987.

Track listing:
“Cafe Amore” (Chet Catallo) – 5:02 (album version) 4:12 (single edit version)
“Dizzy” (Tom Schuman, Eli Konikoff) – 4:40
“Awakening” (Jeremy Wall) – 5:48
“Cachaca” (Beckenstein) – 4:18
“Fox Trot” (Beckenstein) – 4:40
“Sweet ‘n’ Savvy” (Schuman) – 5:12
“Bittersweet” (Beckenstein) – 4:28
“Carnaval” (Wall) – 5:26


Jay Beckenstein – saxophones on all, piano on “Cachaca”
Tom Schuman – keyboards on all except “Awakening” and “Carnaval”
Jeremy Wall – keyboards on all “Awakening” and “Carnaval”
Dave Samuels – marimba or vibraphone on all except “Cafe Amore,” “Awakening” and “Cachaca”
Chet Catallo – guitar on all except “Carnaval”
Jim Kurzdorfer – bass guitar on “Awakening”
Eli Konikoff – drums on all except “Cachaca” and “Carnaval”
Gerardo Velez – percussion on all except “Cafe Amore” and “Bittersweet”


Michael Brecker – flute on “Cafe Amore”
Randy Brecker – trumpet on “Cafe Amore”, “Dizzy”, “Fox Trot” and “Carnaval”
Tom Malone – trombone, trumpet
Rob Mounsey – synthesizer on all except “Carnaval”
Hiram Bullock – guitar on “Dizzy” and “Carnaval”, solo on “Dizzy”
Rick Strauss – guitar
John Tropea – guitar on all except “Carnaval” and “Cafe Amore”, solo on “Cachaca” and “Bittersweet”
Will Lee – bass guitar on all except “Awakening”
David Darling – cello on “Dizzy” and “Awakening”
Steve Jordan – drums on “Cachaca” and “Carnaval”
Errol “Crusher” Bennett – percussion and congas on all except “Awakening” and “Fox Trot”
Steve Kroon – percussion on “Carnaval” and “Cachaca”
Richard Calandra – percussion on “Awakening”


Released: September 29, 1980
Recorded: 1980
Studio: Secret Sound, New York City
Length: 33:02
Label: MCA
Producer: Jay Beckenstein, Richard Calandra