Spyro Gyra – 20 /20 (Full Album)

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20/20 is the twentieth album by the American jazz group Spyro Gyra, released in 1997 by GRP Records.

AllMusic Review by Alex Henderson:
Artistically, Spyro Gyra hit an all-time low in the mid-1990s. The use of outside arrangers and pop vocalists had proven detrimental, and the band was sounding even more formulaic than usual on banal albums like 1995’s Love and Other Obsessions. More self-contained and devoid of adult contemporary singing, 20/20 is a slight improvement. Though Spyro still sounds contrived and is hardly challenging, a few of the songs are somewhat likable, including the moody “The Unwritten Letter” and the angular “Rockaway to Sunset.” Dave Samuels, once a full-time member, makes a guest appearance on the salsa-influenced “South American Sojourn” and the Brazilian-ish “Dark-Eyed Lady” — both of which, although pleasant enough, aren’t nearly as interesting as the music he’d been creating in the Caribbean Jazz Project. And, not surprisingly, fluffy “elevator muzak” such as “Together” sounds like it was designed for only one purpose: radio airplay. (http://www.allmusic.com/album/20-20-mw0000021490).

Track listing:
The Unwritten Letter” (Jay Beckenstein) – 5:07
“Ruled by Venus” (Julio Fernandez) – 4:49
“20/20” (Beckenstein) – 5:56
“Three Sisters” (Beckenstein) – 4:41
“Sweet Baby James” (James Taylor) – 3:51
The Deep End” (Scott Ambush) – 6:35
“Together” (Fernandez) – 4:31
“Dark Eyed Lady” (Jeremy Wall) – 4:55
“South American Sojourn” (Joel Rosenblatt) – 4:12
“Rockaway to Sunset” (Tom Schuman) – 5:48

Jay Beckenstein – saxophones
Tom Schuman – keyboards
Scott Ambush – bass guitar
Dave Samuels – vibraphone, marimba
Julio Fernandez – guitars
Joel Rosenblatt – drums
Chris Botti – trumpet
Scott Krietzer – flute
Bobby Allende – congas
Manolo Badrena – percussion
No Sweat Horns – brass


Released: May 13, 1997
Recorded: 1997
Length: 50:25
Label: GRP
Producer: Jay Beckenstein