Silje Nergaard – Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

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“Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” (Rodgers and Hart).

Album: “Port Of Call” (EmArcy, 2000).

Silje Nergaard – vocals.


Darius Grinvid says:

Sweet,very beautiful piano.

Victoria Weber says:

Beautiful expression of intense emotions

rfac543 says:

I have been wondering for a long time if something can be truly called a "honey voice" and now we have a example par excellence.

Crampy Toes says:

i can listen to this song over and over again and I do.  I love you Silje.

NeilJuan Juan says:

What is the name of the CD?

ron a. says:

Silje is terrific!—and, add to that, a very nice arrangement.

Dee Dwyer says:

Too syruppy.

Chris Keys says:

great but please do take a look at dc supply's version 🙂

LovePeacePositivitySoul says:

this is a beautiful rendition

Jorge Beja says:

Uma voz única, num clássico deslumbrante, cantado por muitos e muitas vozes de oiro… mas nenhuma como SN

thyaggu says:

Enjoy the brazilian version of this music:
Maria Rita – Inquieta, tonta e encantada

mojoefly says:

the two sweetest sounding voices. Siljie and Beverly Staunton.

Nilde Gomes says:

Inesquecível …..

Lise Mehlsen says:

,.,.new and interestering way of singigng,.,.,WUFF!!

Benoît Desjardins says:

La Norvège à sa voix cristaline… Silje Nergaard ,chanteuse de jazz née le 19 juin 1966 à Steinkjer.
Et si cette voix était dû au climat!!!!!!! lol
Reprendre et sublimer de grands titres est un métier!
Merci Madame… et aux musiciens, qui font un formidable boulot.

Doug Galloway says:

Doris Day's version is way up there…

Arthur Kaletzky says:

@Nef1122 Right, and I love Ella for putting that in. If you're a guy and you want be really risque you can sing "worship the [knickers | panties] that cling to her"

Milena-Noémi Foerster says:

was für eine Stimme… einfach wunderschön !

Stephen Ferguson says:

Loved this version for years – the most sensitively sung version of all.

Furch iepoo says:

one of my favs, couldn't have been done better~ever!

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