Shirley Horn feat. Miles Davis – You Won’t Forget Me

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“You Won’t Forget Me” (Kermit Goell, Fred Spielman).

Album: “You Won’t Forget Me”. Recorded June 12, August 13, 1990. Released 1991. Label – Verve.

You Won’t Forget Me is a 1991 studio album by Shirley Horn.

Miles Davis made his last appearance as a sideman on this album.

You Won’t Forget Me was the first jazz number 1 album in Horn’s career.


Miles Davis – trumpet
Charles Ables – bass
Steve Williams – drums
Shirley Horn – piano, vocals, arranger


Georges Prudenté says:

I appreciate.

jimm hayes says:

This is so classic that it should be part of the American Archives for Cultural History!!!
The collaborations with Miles are always stellar: Coltrane, Cannonball, Gil Evans, Red Garland, Countless others leaves no doubt about his greatness. Shirley Horn is pre eminent. But on this piece the two of them are flawless in their control of themselves, which is the key to the mastery they invoke in order to put this performance on the terrain of Jazz history. The world repertoire is enriched timelessly because of pieces like this…

Sergio Daniel Peralta Serrano says:

Excelente canción degustando un buen desayuno.

Roger Moozil says:

Man that drummer is spoiling this for me – pulling my ears away from all the beauty!

Timothy Ford says:

that's not a click track. it's the drummer

jbvtme says:

how much is a picasso or renoir? $50 mil or more? and this is free. there is more art here than in all of the Louvre.

aurora d'arienzo says:


Mr. Dave says:

I love you Liv. I know I won't forget you.

Joe Midler says:

another lovely song with wonderful accompananyment.

howard shine says:

Grown folks music

George Prosser says:

You Wont Forget M.. Shirley & Miles..excellent trac..

Raymon Alexander says:

The moon will cast on you, the shadow of my kiss…

OrionDenali says:

wow…I'm just speechless.  What a smooth voice!

bob venditti says:

Just received the CD "You Won't Forget Me" – every selection is pure perfection! This was recorded in the summer of 1990. Wish I had known about this CD back then. But it was worth the wait!  

bob venditti says:

I just finished buying this CD after hearing this cut. I can't resist wonderful Shirley! 

Philippe Kadouri says:

Thank you for the sharing !

ImaMonaKnight says:

This Is For You Aswell George… I Wont Forget You… Your My Dear Friend All The Lonely Nights… Your Always There For Me..thanks x

Jayne Simmons says:

That's some of my favorite music. To think that Miles is a sideman here is quite remarkable. 

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