Sam Rivers Quartet – Beatrice

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Sam Rivers Quartet – Beatrice (1989).


  • Rael Wesley – bass
  • Darryl Thompson – guitar
  • Steve Mcraven – drums
  • Sam Rivers – tenor saxophone


jakemf1 says:

This is not good guitar playing!!


esta tocando un saxofon tenor SML Rev D !!

intervalkid says:

While it's good playing especially from the sax, the guitar tone is weak and thin. I don't understand why you would choose this tone to play with. The solo playing seems to be based on mainly on John Coltrane on sax and while the guitarist Pat Metheny and additional things from other players styles. Not original, but hey few are.

William Manser says:

Rael is beasting on this. Love his walk on this and his lines feel great.

Gabriel Sebrian says:

Yeah love it! Thank you uploader!

ross minet says:

Not to keen on «athletic» jazz.
This is not the case here. Rivers' solo is thoughtful and rich.  He's listening to what he's playing.

crimfan says:

The only way to make that bass more '80s would be to put a Members Only jacket on it to go with the trem. Cool playing! 

Imani Hekima says:

I love Sam Rivers' work and nice to see Darryl Thompson from Tosh/Black Uhuru here.

Philippe Poncin says:

Smart remembrance; Music goes on and Life too; php

JazzyArt666 says:

R.I.P. Sam.
Saw this very line-up in probably the same year as this video was shot.
Great musician who always did his own thing and stayed away from the mainstream because he wouldn't compromise.

MrMetalMayhem says:

R.I.P Sam Rivers.

Carizmojones says:


Geepereet says:

@Joe60ize Sorry for the lack of info, just added its Steve Mcraven on drums

Carizmojones says:

So long, Sam! You remain one of my favorites!

Darryl Thompson I believe I saw with Black Uhuru in the mid 80s; unless I'm seriously mistaken.

eretzsus says:

Born in Enid,Oklahoma ??? Must be something in the water.

Infidel14? says:

Love that these cats aren't hung up on using trad guitar tones like upright and the jazz archtop with flatwounds. Swinging with progressive instrument tones is cool.

Docta Batzu says:

darryl thompson bushdoctor with peter tosh in 79
great guitar player

slybear525 says:

Darry Boobie Thompson!!! Great musician!!! know him from Staten Island. Great person!!

Kaspar Galli says:

Great clip – the audio is excellent too! I found this by looking for some Darryl Thompson footage. I met him a few times in the 80's when he was with Eddie Harris… great player as well as a great guy! Thanks for posting!

Mehdi S says:

very niçe
Darryl Thompson play with Peter Tosh and Sly And Robbie

wmanser says:

Rael was born a modern player. He was always incredible. He is a great guy too. He plays much like his personality… his intelligence and uniqueness is his charm 🙂

wailflower says:

Happy Birthday Rael Wesley Grant!

Linden Arden says:

who is the guitarist?

javijazztazz says:

Sam is one of my favorite saxophone his playing is very original

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