Return of Brecker Brothers – With Mike Stern (Live in Barcellona 1992)

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Michael Brecker – tenor saxophone
Randy Brecker – trumpet
Mike Stern – guitar
George Witthy – keyboards
James Genus – bass
Dennis Chambers – drums

1) Above & Below 1:24
2) Spherical 11:28
3) Some Skunk Funk 24:50
4) Common Ground 31:24
5) Song for Barry 40:34
6) Inside Out 55:02


Stefan Griffin says:

This version of Spherical is godlike

Baart Koster says:

This gig is simply a legendary one. All these top notch players in the shape of their lives. Don't try this at home!!

mario de falco says:


Javier Gómez Sirvent says:

Casi duele , que buenos. gracias.

Pier Ugo says:


Frank Moser says:

that's Serious, not serous…….

Frank Moser says:

serous band!

Jack Toy says:

man, dennis chambers is so damn good

extremadrummer says:

I was there! I still remember my chicken skin when Common Ground was performed, in spite of being played without Mike's guitar solo as in the original album. The sax solo there is one of the most beautiful I ever heard. Thanks for sharing.

moineau2007 says:


IsaacDarcheMusic says:

this is awesome!

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