Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack

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“Hit the Road Jack” (Percy Mayfield).
Ray Charles – piano, vocals.


ninaostrovski says:

Обожаю Рей Чайрлза! Он гений!

The Druminator says:

I listen to cannibal corpse and slayer.
How did I end up here

Leanna Heil says:

Remembering sitting on the floor with the legs crossed on the floor in front of the HIFI playing it loud and rocking back and fourth! Just my most FAV of that time!!!

nanang k says:

0:17 did they said bolo bolo bolo ??

Léna B.P. says:


이현빈 says:


JonnyFTW says:

Who's here from the universal studios hollywood tour?

Elias Żłobiński says:

where did this time gone?
now the only thing I hear is something gangsta bulsht.

Laura Laububu says:

voice angel

FlickerBUG YTB says:

When you party too much and die

Mahlercougar says:

What was the name of the 4 Raelettes Here?
vocalist Margie Hendricks is the one singing the solo, but what are the other ones names?

RabALLoN Kalithe says:

mira ese cumbión papá.

Raza Kampono says:


joe hartley says:

back up got my heart

Music Groove says:

Top vidoeo, the era hairstyles and dresses Ray on piano and vocals sublime:)

John Locke says:

Jon Ossoff election theme song

Margarett Tudor says:

That song is great! Mainly when I wanna say some boy that I don't carre about him… 😀

Janaína Ferreira says:

Someone in 2017?

Comrade Joe Stalin says:

Party like it's 1941

danieldunhill says:

Pra quem não tem talento só lamento.

Patrick Star Power says:

This is a good song and it's 2017

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