Paul Bley – Ramblin’

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Ramblin’ is an album led by jazz pianist Paul Bley recorded in Italy in 1966 and released on the French BYG Actuel label.

AllMusic Review by Steve Loewy:
Ramblin’ comes from an adventurous period in Paul Bley’s career, at a time when he was associated with some of the more avant-garde elements. His playing often takes an attractively aggressive approach, which he tempered in later years. There is his characteristic emphasis on the beauty of the single note. The gorgeous, lush sounds on “Albert’s Love Theme,” for example, or the slow, beautiful, expressive take on Annette Peacock’s “Touching” are filled with enormous depth. Carla Bley’s “Ida Lupina” is given a sophisticated treatment that emphasizes tonal bliss. As with all Bley recordings, this one takes close listening to appreciate its subtleties, but the joy is well worth the effort. Barry Altschul is spectacular on drums, with effective polyrhythmic support, and bassist Mark Levinson fits perfectly into the mix (

Track listing:
“Both” (Annette Peacock) – 9:30
“Albert’s Love Theme” (Peacock) – 9:23
“Ida Lupino” (Carla Bley) – 3:30
“Ramblin'” (Ornette Coleman) – 5:50
“Touching” (Peacock) – 7:30
“Mazatalon” (Paul Bley) – 7:32

Paul Bley – piano
Mark Levinson – bass
Barry Altschul – drums


Released: 1967
Recorded: July 1, 1966
Studio Studio RCA, Rome
Length: 42:48
Label: BYG Actuel 529.313
Producer: Jean Georgakarakos, Jean-Luc Young