Pat Martino – The Return

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The Return is a live album by guitarist Pat Martino which was recorded in 1987 and first released on the Muse label.

“Pat Martino suffered a brain aneurysm in 1980, and after successful surgery, he was left with musical amnesia. He had to completely relearn how to play guitar, and the process of recovery took a long time. Finally, in 1987, he was ready to play in public and record. Showcased in a trio with bassist Steve LaSpina and drummer Joey Baron, Martino performs lengthy versions of four new originals during a live set from Fat Tuesdays, showing no mercy either for his sidemen or toward himself. Eighty percent back at the time (he would continue to get stronger record by record during the next few years), the guitarist’s musical courage is admirable, and the music (which can only be classified as “modern jazz”) is frequently exciting.” – Scott Yanow/AllMusic.

Track listing:
All compositions by Pat Martino

Do You Have a Name?” – 12:33
“Slipback” – 8:50
“All That You Have” – 11:09
“Turnpike” – 11:24

Pat Martino – guitar
Steve LaSpina – bass
Joey Baron – drums


Released: 1987
Recorded: February 1987
Venue: Fat Tuesday’s, New York City
Length: 43:56
Label: Muse
MR 5328
Producer: Pat Martino