MVP (The Mark Varney Project) feat. Frank Gambale and Allan Holdsworth ‎– Truth In Shredding

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Truth in Shredding is the first studio album by the Mark Varney Project (MVP), released in 1990 through Legato Records and reissued on November 4, 2003 through Tone Center Records. MVP was a short-lived collaborative project put together by Mark Varney, brother of Shrapnel Records founder Mike Varney. Mark founded Legato in the 1980s, which served as a jazz-oriented counterpart to the rock stylings of Shrapnel. This incarnation of the group features guitarists Frank Gambale and Allan Holdsworth. Besides one track written by Gambale, the rest are covers of existing jazz fusion compositions.

Track listing:
1. “Rocks” Randy Brecker 7:01
2. “Humpty Dumpty” Chick Corea 6:31
3. “The Fall” Wayne Shorter 8:15
4. “Not Ethiopia” Michael Brecker 9:36
5. “New Boots” Frank Gambale 6:24
6. “Ana Maria” Shorter 9:15
7. “Bathsheba” M. Brecker 8:16

Frank Gambale – guitar, engineering, mixing, production
Allan Holdsworth – guitar, SynthAxe, overdub engineering
Freddy Ravel – keyboard
Tom Brechtlein – drums
Jimmy Earl – bass
Steve Tavaglione – saxophone, EWI

Released: 1990
Recorded: Silverlake Sound Studios in Los Angeles; The Brewery in North County, San Diego; Front Page Recorders in Costa Mesa, California
Length: 55:08
Label: Legato
Producer: Mark Varney, Frank Gambale