Monk Montgomery – Monk Montgomery In Africa…Live! (Full Album)

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Monk Montgomery in Africa…Live! is the fourth and final solo album of American bassist Monk Montgomery. It was recorded at the Orlando Stadium, Soweto, South Africa, on November 9, 1974, and released in 1975 on Philadelphia International Records.

Track listing:
“Jumpin’ at the Woodside” (Count Basie) (11:18)
“Stella by Starlight” (Victor Young) (6:00)
“Blues for Nkwe” (Al Hall, Jr.) (11:12)
“Testing One, Two” (Rudolph Johnson) (5:48)

Monk Montgomery – bass
Marshall Royal – band leader, alto saxophone
Rudolph Johnson – tenor saxophone, flute
Danny Cortez – trumpet
Al Hall, Jr. – trombone
Delbert Hill – clarinet
Charles Mallory – guitar
Kirk Lightsey – keyboards
Curtis Kirk – drums


Released: 1975
Recorded: November 9, 1974
Label: Philadelphia International
Producer: Hilton Rosenthal, Peter Thwaites