Miles Davis – Star People (Full Album)

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Star People is a 1983 album recorded by Miles Davis and issued by Columbia Records. It is the third release after the trumpeter’s six-year hiatus. Beside the members of the band of We Want Miles the recordings feature John Scofield for the first time, who worked alongside Mike Stern in Davis’s band in late 1982 and early 1983 before Stern’s departure later in the year. Scofield was recommended by saxophonist Bill Evans. Marcus Miller played on five of the six tracks, but was replaced by Tom Barney on the most recent track of the album, “Speak”, a live recording from February 1983 in Houston. Barney would be replaced later in 1983 by Darryl Jones. Al Foster and Mino Cinelu are heard on drums and percussion. Miles Davis plays trumpet and Oberheim synthesizer often at the same time (without using overdubs), and also on separately recorded interludes for the over-18-minute-long blues “Star People”. The album has also become part of the box set “Miles Davis: The Complete Columbia Album Collection” (

AllMusic Rеvіеw bу Sсоtt Yanow:
On thіѕ 1983 rеlеаѕе, Mіlеѕ Dаvіѕ rediscovers the blues. Hе rеаllу stretches оut оn “Stаr Pеорlе,” making drаmаtіс uѕе оf ѕіlеnсе аnd placing each nоtе carefully. “Cоmе Gеt It” іѕ аlѕо mеmоrаblе аlthоugh “U ‘n’ I” (whісh had the potential to catch оn) is оnlу hеаrd in a trunсаtеd version. In gеnеrаl Davis іѕ іn fіnе fоrm оn this ѕеt and, аlthоugh ѕаxорhоnіѕt Bіll Evаnѕ іѕ barely hеаrd frоm (mаnу of his solos were еdіtеd оut), thе contrasting guіtаrѕ оf Mike Stеrn аnd Jоhn Sсоfіеld hold оnе’ѕ interest (

Track listing:
All tracks composed by Miles Davis

Come Get It” – 11:01
It Gets Better” – 10:07
Speak” – 8:28
Star People” – 18:46
U’N’I” – 5:55
Star on Cicely” – 4:26

Track 1: Recorded August 28, 1982 live at Jones Beach Theatre, New York.
Track 2: Recorded January 5, 1983 at Record Plant Studio, New York.
Track 3: Recorded February 3, 1983 live at Cullen Auditorium, University of Houston, Houston.
Tracks 4 & 5: Recorded September 1, 1982 at Columbia Studio B, New York.
Track 6: Recorded August 11, 1982 at Columbia Studio B, New York

Miles Davis – trumpet, keyboards
John Scofield – electric guitar (on tracks 2 and 3)
Mike Stern – electric guitar
Bill Evans – tenor & soprano saxophone
Marcus Miller – electric bass (exc. track 3)
Tom Barney – electric bass (on track 3)
Al Foster – drums
Mino Cinelu – percussion
Gil Evans – arranger (uncredited)


Released: 1983
Recorded: August 11, 1982 – February 3, 1983
Length: 58:54
Label: Columbia
Producer: Teo Macero