Maxine Sullivan and Claude Thornhill Orchestra – Loch Lomond

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“Loch Lomond” (Traditional, Daniel Zanes), 1937.

Maxine Sullivan – vocals

Claude Thornhill Orchestra


Peter Curran says:

Scotland will never forget you, Maxine

TheWriterWalker says:

Thanks for posting this original version. I'm partial to her 1955 version, though. It's got a hipper swing, and her voice in it is perfect. (She's good in this one, too. Just sayin'. Lol.)

glasgowmurphy says:

oh, I'm just back from an all day bike ride to the bonnie bonnie banks o' loch lomond. They did look bonnie against the september evening sky, I must admit.

splendidcurves says:

The real swing, cats. Plus Claude Thornhill!

Michael Klein says:

Thanks for remembering this highly talented, but oddly neglected singer of the swing era (and Claude Thornhill was no slouch either!)

Ken McKim says:

Just finished a late 50s novel by Herman Wouk that referenced her doing Scottish songs. Nice pipes and arrangements.

Laurel Kildare says:

Thank you for an American Jazz Classic…!

Shemi Zyma says:

Maxine Sullivan superb voice and style!!! I just got to know her in 2014. Thanks for posting !.

Tim Strasbourg says:

just beautifull

simplement magnifique, ça sent bon le soleil et la vie simple et douce !

preservationhall01 says:

Why am I just seeing this comment after 3 months? Thanks for commenting ~ always good to hear from you!

preservationhall01 says:

Always one of my favs. My mother, a Brit, would sing this around the house back in my childhood days.

Shabannie says:

You made a wonderful tribute to a talented singer!

preservationhall01 says:

I got to see the Loch 12 years ago. I'll be thinking of you there with a single malt toast of my own to you, Maxine, and the Loch in July. Bon voyage.

David Speake says:

Great singer. I'm going to Loch Lomond in July. I'll toast a wee dram or two to beautiful Maxine. Thanks for the track.

jesse law says:

Just bought her record!!!

preservationhall01 says:

@3investigators Some of the best music of the 1920s -30s, was being recycled from the 1800s. . . .and a lot of the music that people think is a wonderful new composition today has been revived and resuscitated from at least a century ago. Never would have thought Loch Lomond was so old tho. Thanks for stopping by and chatting. PH01

preservationhall01 says:

@3investigators Old is right, I think it was recorded by various artists as far back as the early 1900s.

Devon Kohler says:

comment on it

John E Hawkes says:

Her 1984 "Cotton Club – Arlen & Koehler" album on Milan records – is quite fantastic.

Supesfan88 says:

Man, she was absolutely gorgeous, wasn't she?? Beautiful voice, beautiful face, beautiful being…wonderful!

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