Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra – Sweet And Lovely (1950)

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“Sweet and Lovely” is an American popular song of 1931, composed by Gus Arnheim, Charles N. Daniels, and Harry Tobias.

“Sweet And Lovely” – Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra w/ Russ McIntyre & The Snowflakes (1950) , RCA-Victor Records – 45 rpm
This is probably a 1942 Columbia Records re-pressing or unreleased recording, since The Snowflakes were with Claude Thornhill at that time.
The Snowflakes were named after band leader, Claude Thornhill’s, theme song called, “SNOWFALL”.

Group members included, Buddy Stewart, Martha Wayne, Terry Allen, & Lillian Lane. Later, both Buddy Stewart & Lillian Lane were in The G-Noters , a group which were being featured in Gene Krupa’s Orchestra in 1944 – 1945 . Claude Thornhill enlisted in the Navy in October of 1942. He served his country for three years and after his discharge in late 1945, he began re-organizing another orchestra. By 1946, his new band was under way, using many of his original band members.


strideman says:

Russ McIntyre sounds so much like Bing Crosby!

Puccinotti says:

Funny Terry Allen is my Dad. Real name: Lamber G. Aloisi. He just passed away shy of 2 years ago. Singing these songs till the end. MrRJDB1969, I believe your correct about this particular recording. I definetely hear my Dad's voice in the back up but it's not him as the main vocalist. I'm so fortunate to have some of his original old records!!

MrRJDB1969 says:

It's Russ McIntyre, with the same group line up as on the recording of "There's A Small Hotel". Terry Allen was a great vocalist, but this is Russ McIntyre. As far as the recording date.. There may have been more than one recording made of it. I have seen a 1950 date mentioned also, but this recording doesnt sound like 1950, however, it does have the same "sound" as "There's A Small Hotel", which was recorded in the early 40's.

don59405 says:

If that is Russ McIntyre, then it was recorded in 1949/50. Otherwise it is likely Terry Allen singing.

Kirk Barkley says:

It has been noted that Claude was a very 'sweet' man in real life

bbcisrubbish says:

A very sweet version indeed. Why is there no music like this today?
I expect it is too quiet and romantic for the chavs.

maynardcat says:

One of my favorites, a rendition I hadn't heard. and a great one.

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