Matthew Shipp Quartet – Sonic Fiction (Album)

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Shipp’s own presence on Sonic Fiction is limited as his democratic approach to the quartet puts Walerian and Bisio out front on many of the tunes. Dickey, as always, is a propulsive force, even as he proceeds with understated shading and texture. As produced by this unit, the music is in line with the expectations that have come out of Walerian and Shipp’s previous work. The reedist’s playing is inventive, even at its most subtle, and an effective contrast to Shipp’s edgier passages. Overall, the lexicon here is clearly one that has been developed and honed by Shipp over time and Sonic Fiction is as perplexing, interesting and spirited as any of Shipp’s quartet work ( KARL ACKERMANN , AllAboutJazz).

Track listing:

1. First Step
2. Blues Addition
3. The Station
4. Lines of Energy
5. Easy Flow
6. The Problem of Jazz
7. The Note
8. 3 by 4
9. Cell in the Brain
10. Sonic Fiction


Matthew Shipp – piano
Mat Walerian – alto saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet
Michael Bisio – bass
Whit Dickey – drums


Released: 2018

Record Label: ESP Disk