Matt Dusk with Manhattan Big Band – Fly Me To The Moon (Live)

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“Fly Me To The Moon” (Bart Howard).

Matt Dusk singing “Fly Me To The Moon” with the Manhattan Big Band.
Live in Holland – November 27 2006


Miss & Kiss says:

бальзам на душу

Morad ELMasry says:

amazing song & great prtformance

Peter Luck says:

Really like him, but I notice at the onset of each phrase is a slight growl, something I'm trying to eliminate as an amatuer singer. Any one else notice this?

Michele Wescoat-Larsen says:

Great performance

Ken Takai says:

Why he sing in exactly the same arrangement as the Sinatra ? So what?

TheYoungRandomOne says:

No, he has a nice voice but his voice is too vague, he sounds like he's a little tipsy, he needs to focus his voice more on the words

joao braz Pinheiro says:

a musica na voz dele e linda

joao braz Pinheiro says:

ele e como  o cafe !

gerardo sanchez says:

i think he has a unique voice, i do like it,  saw him in victoria b.c. a few yrs back
he is true to his style even live.

Bud Lehn says:

Matt is no Sinatra, not at least here. His diction, his voice, is too put on. He's trying to channel Dean Martin too. He needs to sing in his own natural voice.


God, I love him!!!!

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