Manu Katché – Manu Katché Quartet (Live Montreux Jazz Club)

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Manu Katché – Manu Katché Quartet (Live Montreux Jazz Club).


Manu Katché – drums
Richard Bona – bass
Stefano Di Battista – saxophone
Eric Legnini – keyboards


Gilles Carreau says:

Le pianiste Eric Legnini est excellent Wow quel solo de piano dans la piece a environ 18:50. Beau outside avec beaucoup de gout

Félicitation! Eric

Dariusz Lukawski says:

Beautiful music!!! Thanks for posting!!! Is it available on a CD?

fretbuzz59 says:

Is the timecode there so we can precisely pinpoint when the audio and video begin to drift out of sync?

Neurônio Jazz says:

Impresionante!! lindo lindo!!

Raul Veldhuizen says:

Too many fucking adds indeed! In the middle of tracks. Assholes, just because they want more millions.. Internet was once started as a 'public' thing………

Ian Phillips says:

What is the name of the song that starts at around 12:30? It's so smooth, I love it.

Tony Borthwick says:

Bravo Di Battista !!

Verónica Darrel says:

beautiful tasty music

Fabio Martinoni says:

Gran bel concerto, musicisti superlativi che sanno trasmettere il piacere della buona musica. Grandi professionisti! Peccato che il suono non è sincronizzato con il video.

Francesco Agnoletti says:

Live is great, but too many ads!!

Hugo Erenmalm says:

1:01:00 O Sen Sen Sen (Richard Bona)

Gussy Rikh says:

Amazing bass player..

Lincoln Adams says:

Awesome! Something very similar to Kenny Garrett in the sax player's voice…!

Auxin says:

cool le jazz ou pas

gino gébé says:

le son d'enfer, la fluidité, le groove super classe !

gruffeilles frederic says:

un qui n'aime pas ……………………MDR !!! en tout cas Merci pour ce moment !!

Julio Scavino says:

Gracias, thanks, merci por el recital en Montevideo, el lunes 10 de octubre de 2016!!!!!!!!!

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