Lionel Hampton – The Complete Lionel Hampton Victor Sessions 1937-1941 (Disc 2)

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Track listing:
00:00 1. You’re My Ideal (F)
(F. Waller-S. Williams)
03:16 2. The Sun Will Shine Tonight (F)
06:29 3. Ring Dem Bells (F)
(D. Ellington-I. Mills)
09:54 4. Don’t Be That Way (F)
12:30 5. I’m In The Mood For Swing (G)
(B. Carter-S. Williams)
15:17 6. Shoe Shiner’s Drag (G)
(Jelly Roll Morton)
18:45 7. Any Time At All (G)
(J. Dorsey-J. Van Heusen)
22:00 8. Muskrat Ramble (G)
25:17 9. Down Home Jump (H)
(Lionel Hampton)
28:33 10. Rock Hill Special (H)
(Lionel Hampton)
31:20 11. Fiddle Diddle (H)
(B. Goodman-L. Hampton)
34:44 12. I Can Give You Love (I)
(L. Hampton-J. Evans)
37:33 13. High Society (I)
(A.J. Piron-C. Williams)
40:49 14. It Don’t Mean A Thing (I)
(D. Ellington-I. Mills)
44:03 15. Johnny Get Your Horn And Blow It (I)
47:15 16. The Sun Will Shine Tonight (alt tk) (F)
50:23 17. It Don’t Mean A Thing (alt tk) (I)
(D. Ellington-I. Mills)

(F) Cootie Williams (tp), Johnny Hodges (as), Edgar Sampson (bari, arr), Lionel Hampton (vib, vcl),
Jess Stacy (p), Allen Reuss (g), Billy Taylor (b), Sonny Greer (d).
Supervised by Leonard Joy
NYC, January 18, 1938
018335-1 You’re My Ideal (LH-vcl) Vic 25771
018336-1 The Sun Will Shine Tonight (LH-vcl) previously unissued
018336-2 The Sun Will Shine Tonight (LH-vcl) Vic 25771
018337-1 Ring Dem Bells (LH-vcl) Vic 25889, 26017
018338-1 Don’t Be That Way (ES-arr) Vic 26173

Note: Although some discographies list Victor 25889 as never being issued, matrix 018337
did appear and was backed with Pick The Winner a horse racing game!0
The more common release, Victor 26017, was issued shortly thereafter and is listed here as well.

As is noted in the liner notes to this set, Edgar Sampson is more than likely the arranger on all
of the titles from this session.

(G) Harry James (tp), Benny Carter (cl, as, arr), Dave Matthews (as), Babe Russin, Herschel Evans (ts),
Lionel Hampton (vib, vcl), Billy Kyle (p), John Kirby (b), Jo Jones (d).
NYC, July 21, 1938
024065-1 I’m In The Mood For Swing (BC-arr) Vic 26011
024066-1 Shoe Shiner’s Drag –
024067-1 Any Time At All (LH-vcl) (BC-arr) Vic 26039
024068-1 Muskrat Ramble Vic 26017

Note: The flip side of Victor 26039 is by Nick LaRocca and the Original Dixieland Band.

(H) Walter Fuller (tp), Omer Simeon (cl, as), George Oldham (as), Budd Johnson (cl, ts, prob. arr. on all titles),
Robert Crowder (ts), Lionel Hampton (vib, vcl), Spencer Odom (p), Jesse Simpkins (b), Alvin Burroughs (d).
NYC, October 11, 1938
025866-1 Down Home Jump Vic 26114
025867-1 Rock Hill Special -1 –
025868-1 Fiddle Diddle (LH-vcl) Vic 26173

-1 Add Hampton (p and vib).

(I) Irving Randolph (tp), Hymie Schertzer, Russell Procope (cl, as), Jerry Jerome (cl, b-cl, ts),
Chu Berry (cl, ts), Lionel Hampton (vib, vcl), Clyde Hart (p), Allan Reuss (g), Milt Hinton (b), Cozy Cole (d), Fred Norman (arr).
Supervised by Leonard Joy
NYC, April 3, 1939
035392-1 I Can Give You Love (LH-vcl) Vic 26343
035393-1 High Society (FN-arr) Vic 26209
035394-2 It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It
Ain’t Got That Swing) (LH-vcl) previously unissued
035394-1 It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It
Ain’t Got That Swing) (LH-vcl) Vic 26254
035395-1 Johnny Get Your Horn (LH-vcl) Vic 26343

Note: Discographies list Hymie Schertzer as the bass clarinetist on high society. However, Jerry Jerome confirmed he was the soloist.

The ledgers reveal that a rehearsal was called after this session from 1:30-2:30pm and included those who would participate in the April 5th session. No recordings were made.