Kirk Whalum and Lalah Hathaway – It’s What I Do

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A live performance of the Grammy Award-winning song, “It’s What I Do,” written by Kirk Whalum and Jerry Peters, and performed by Kirk Whalum and Lalah Hathaway.

Recorded live at Reid Temple in Maryland.


Cliff Waters says:

All I can say is THANK YOU !

Silvana Alexandre says:

Amazing voice…

Karen Payne says:

I Love this song. It reminds me of the love that I feel for my husband. I love him uncondionally. He has my back in all things.

Mary Wilson says:

She is such an class act wow real singer don't have to seal sex because her voice is enough its a gift that moves people to the core I love her so much her voice is magical

biggdogg35810 says:

Anyone notice the prudish looking lady with her arms folded and emotions whatsoever at 5:47?

colin doyle says:

im in love !!!!

Harry Polinar says:


Malete Lebo says:

Some songs just takes you too far away places. This is one of them..Thanks to Lalah..

Janamechanica says:

Very nice…

Thando Mbawu says:

Love this song, so wonderful.

m. smith says:

Her voice is amazing, just Beautiful,brings tears to my eyes. You go Lala

Justin Tanksley says:

I need her to be on some disney movie giving life to something magical and amazing

Micheal Randolph says:

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. There is a misconception in peoples mind when it comes to real and true musicians that perform from the heart. The music that flows through their gift ahhhh. Lala, Kirk, George and the rest of the Band WOW WOW WOW. We do not see this much anymore. Real musicians, real music. Not sample. not copied. Go to 5:00, that brother is not sleeping. He is CAUGHT up in the music….AHHH its breathing through his spirit. Again Thank you Kirk Lala George (RIP)

Malete Lebo says:

Sitting on the couch, wine on the table, lights dimmed…and you let nature take its course…My Gaaaawwwwwwdddddd……

Sura Meso Films says:

I absolutely love seeing Black folk patronize Black artists. I can't tell you how bad I feel when I see us performing in front of all white audiences as if we do not have the ability to support our own. Blues and Jazz are art forms that we need to support just as heavily as any other form of expression. We need to immerse our kids in it so they both appreciate our forms of classical music and learn to follow our example of support. I enjoyed the music, but what I enjoy most is our example of unity and pride.

Stephen Bell-Booth says:

Who wrote this?

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