John Zorn’s Bar Kokhba Sextet – Gevurah

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“Gevurah” (John Zorn).
Album : “Circle Maker” (Tzadik , 1998).

The Allmusic review by Joslyn Layne awarded the album 5 stars stating “Zorn skeptics will find the superb and elegant music on The Circle Maker surprisingly stable and accessible… All of these musicians are accomplished in jazz and improvised music, and have performed extensively in world and/or classical settings as well. The Circle Maker is a very necessary recording for all appreciators of chamber jazz, new Jewish music, or any of these stellar musicians”.


Marc Ribot – guitar
Cyro Baptista – percussion
Mark Feldman – violin
Erik Friedlander – cello
Greg Cohen – bass
Joey Baron – drums


juan alvarado says:

algún ecuatoriano mas que le guste zorn

Canal Canas says:

Maravilloso!!! Thank you for post this master piece

lustrias says:

The bass reminds me of the song 'caravan'.

Highnightt says:

Cant get enough from that One!!

Joan Brunet says:

A 17 year old metalhead here, I really enjoyed this!

Peter Gašperan says:

is John Zorn only a composer?

LLaOOnda says:

soooo gooood

Richard Medina says:

Existe algún otro Mexicano que le guste John Zorn? :/

Thomas Theodor Büttner says:

I confess I do not know anything about Jewish mysticism as far as the title “Gevurah” is
concerned. The beauty of this piece of music is kind of mystic in itself and does not need a reference to be heartfelt. What is truly amazing about these seven minutes is the way these men play together in utmost concentration and harmony and joy.

MysteryProductsLtd says:

An interpretation of the Torah, that actually might be useful if applied to the correct vibrational centres. For instance, I would recommend this if you aren't feeling "earthed".

phfrixion says:

I hear that at least 10 times on repeat. 🙂

LuneyTune72 says:

Fame means nothing to these guys when you such excessive respect from your peers. Musician's musicians.

perennialdictum 1 says:

only a poophat would upload this, thanks

Luis Rubio says:

I'm fucking like a dog and listen this at the same time dude


Oye pero qué sabroso :v<3

Krwiomocz.Bogurodzicy Ⓥ says:

02:08 – "Guns Of Brixton" backwards

Rolf Cronauer says:

All Temperatures of Music. Love it.

mcpaplus says:

Love the whole piece. Can't underestimate the effect that Cyro Baptista's percussion has on this piece.  It is unifying, yet makes it feel like it may go off the tracks at any moment.  what genius this group exudes.

Federico Rodríguez says:

Ribot's beautiful soloing at his finest.

Rolf Stormbringer says:

Beautiful Jewish frescoes

Geneviève Bauer says:

I love it !

Kyriaki Anastasiou says:

Fabulous !!!!!!!!!!!!

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