John Zorn – Simulacrum

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Simulacrum is an album composed by John Zorn featuring John Medeski, Matt Hollenberg and Kenny Grohowski which was released on the Tzadik label in March 2015.

“The most radical organ trio ever”, the publisher Tzadik called it. And perhaps it’s no exaggeration to describe the marriage of John Medeski, Matt Hollenberg and Kenny Grohowski to play John Zorn’s compositions that take a convincing leap into an abyss of jazz, heavy metal, atmospheric music, minimalism, blues, noise and whatever else you can imagine.”



Track listing:
All compositions by John Zorn.

“The Illusionist” – 12:02
“Marmarath” – 5:18
“Snakes and Ladders” – 5:28
“Alterities” – 2:49
“Paradigm Shift” – 4:35
“The Divine Comedy” – 12:54

John Medeski – organ
Matt Hollenberg – guitar
Kenny Grohowski – drums


Released: March 17, 2015
Recorded: December 2014
Length: 43:07
Label: Tzadik TZ 8330
Producer: John Zorn