Jimmy Durante – Young at Heart

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“Young at Heart” is a pop standard, a ballad with music by Johnny Richards and lyrics by Carolyn Leigh.

Jimmy Durante – vocals.


Taylor-Leigh Derchin says:

I love this song

Gratienne Poignie says:

daarop een dans met je favoriete partner,is zweven,romantiek,en melancholie tegelijk mijn hartje voelt als een net verliefd meisje zweven maar op leeftijd staat geen cijfer,je hart blijft jong forever

Frances Van Siclen says:

One of the best entertainers ever! He was so sweet you could tell he was ! Brings me way back! rip jimmy

eric scott says:

i like this old guy

Ralph van Spronse says:

Nice but funny, like rapping in the good old days…

raymond bines says:


Jeffery Smith says:

Early 50's ? I was 5 seeing this. Live TV.

Marie says:

Love listening to him…a legend!

Christopher Donjuan says:

gatorade commercial

lavvy2585 says:

Wasnt the greatest singer but I really like his version a lot.

Sgt Nova says:

I came from Gatorade olympics commercial

DaRealMedic4you says:

Wut a mind he had

Fred Butler's says:

This Was Pure Music & From The Heart

P A Chambers says:

I like being young at heart. Beautiful songs. Thanks for sharing.

Frank Johnson says:

It's your choice I think it's GREAT Or than again there's the other Jimmy D. Song 🙂

Ping Pong says:

Still Brill, The Snoz

John Lemmon says:

thank you mrs. kalibash…

jm16100 says:

Boomerang brought me here

Beccy Hurlbut says:

Ilovehearingoldsongsfromthepastbecauseyoucanunderstand andgetsomethingworthlisteningto

Edward Mcgovern Mcgovern says:

This should be added to the education system.

George Gilkenson says:

Always loved this song…. I would pick it as my theme song…

Terri Robison says:

Yes, just like Rod Stewart and Joe Cocker (You are so Beautiful) but boy did they get their vocal messages across in a beautiful way; although much much better than this spoiled rotten brat Justin Bieber – the ridiculous heart-throb of America..who has absolutely no messages to share with America…

debb beck says:

he says try to keep in the swing no matter how old you are..so true

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