Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra (1938)

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Soundtrack listing:

  1. “Beebe” (Jimmy Dorsey, James Van Heusen)
  2. “Parade of the milk bottle caps” (Jimmy Dorsey, James Van Heusen)
  3. “It’s the dreamer in me” (Jimmy Dorsey, James Van Heusen)
  4.  “I love you in Technicolor” (Larry Clinton, Jimmy Dorsey)
  5. “Dusk in Upper Sandusky” (Larry Clinton, Jimmy Dorsey)

Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra:

  • Ralph Muzillo, Shorty Sherock – trumpet
  • Bobby Byrne, Sonny Lee, Don Mathisen – trombone
  • Jimmy Dorsey – alto saxophone, clarinet, bandleader
  • Milt Yaner, Sam Rabinowich – alto saxophone
  • Charles Frazier, Herbie Haymer – tenor saxophone
  • Freddie Slack – piano
  • Roc Hillman – guitar
  • Jack Ryan – double bass
  • Ray McKinley – drums
  • Bob Eberly, Evelyn Oak – vocal


Country: USA
Release Date: 22 October 1938 (USA)
Also Known As Melody Masters (1938-1939) (#3): Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra