Jaco Pastorius – Trilogue (Full Concert)

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Jaco Pastorius – bass
Albert Mangelsdorff – trombone
Alphonse Mouzon – drums

Live in Berlin, 1976


1) Foreign Fun
2) Accidental Meeting
3) Zores Mores
4) Trilogue
5) Portrait Of Tracy
6) Trio Song
7) Ant Steps on an Elephant’s Toe


Steve F says:

@ 39:39 Portrait of Tracy… as good as it gets. Genius bassist on the rise.

Matthew S says:

Sweet Moses.

Rodolfo Ruiz says:

papito… que loco lindo Jaco jejeje, unos genios!

James Rockford says:

who is this idiot on drums?

jonescrusher1 says:

Interesting camera angles on Jaco's playing here.

Miklos Harsszegi says:

Trilogue..dialogue !

Bonedalas says:

Actually it was a project led by Mangelsdorff… though all three are acting at eye level

Julio Daniel Alegre says:

1) Foreign Fun 0:2414:05

2) Accidental Meeting 14:2923:47

3) Zores Mores 24:1132:37

4) Trilogue 33:2039:06

5) Portrait Of Tracy 39:3943:42

6) Trio Song 44:1350:50

7) Ant Steps on an Elephant's Toe 51:48 1:02:12

Rufus Page says:

Thanks for uploading this, great quality and sound – I never knew "Trio Song" even existed! I don't think it was on the cd….!

kapresovsk says:

wild beasts escaped from cages

Daniel J. Scotti says:


Dread nought says:

Alphonse Mouzon (November 21, 1948- December 25, 2016), proud hi hat, RIP

jamiro says:

In Jaco We Trust!

Blue&Orange says:

2 of these guys played for Weather Report

Evaldo Guedes says:

Trio Mega! Mouzon foi ao encontro de Jaco para mais uma tournée celestial, esses dois queridos deixaram esta obra de arte para os .mortais!…………………………………..R.I.P.Alphonse Mouzon ………………………………….R.I.P. John Francis Anthony Pastorius III

Sergiu Fanica says:

i wish i had 2 more wishes''

tiluriso says:

Brilliant performance. This is Jaco at his peak. Sad to hear about Alphonse Mouzon passing away last month.

Vincent Mouzon says:

Alphonse was im told a distant cousin whom ive never had the pleaser to meet. However being a bassist i have met jaco a couple of times. I just got the news of alphonse's passing. I wont pretent to have heard much of his music and was much more partial to jaco but of the 3 in this setting he (alphonse) comes off the most brilliant. I was at the candy store today 12-28-16 and saw carrie fisher passed and as i get home get an email regarding alphonse. I guess i had to see this concert again to see these wonderful artist. Rest in peace mr mouzon.

Gil Wernovsky says:

love the Phillies hat!

Udo Matthias says:

so habe ich alphonse mouzon kennen gelernt, nämlich mit zwei meiner lieblingsmusiker!! R.I.P.

FearlessDreamer3 says:

Alphonse…. Oh my… Travel On – – -> Check out his solo at !0:09……..

Marco Salmistraro says:

thanks for posting this. tears of joy !

Greg Waits says:

RIP Alphonse Mouzon

Greg Waits says:

I am glad to see this posted, but it isn't Jaco's band. It was co-led by all three

Lorraine Torres says:

I love that JACO is reading JAZZ

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