Harry James and His Orchestra with Kitty Kallen – I’m Beginning to See the Light (1945)

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I’m Beginning to See the Light” is a popular song and jazz standard, written by Duke Ellington, Don George, Johnny Hodges, and Harry James, and published in 1944.

Ella Fitzgerald and The Ink Spots featuring Bill Kenny recorded a version in 1945, that was on the pop song hits list for six weeks in 1945, reaching #5. A competing 1945 recording by Harry James and his Orchestra, with lead vocal by Kitty Kallen reached #1 for two weeks in January of that year. James’ version of the song reached #7 on Billboard’s Second Annual High School Survey in 1945. Duke Ellington also released in 1945 a version, which reached the top ten (Wikipedia).

Harry James and His Orchestra

Kitty Kallen – vocals


Stephen Reilly says:

She will truly be missed

william doyle says:

What a beautiful song by such a beautiful lady

Sam Feinsilver says:

I love this song!  Thanks for uploading it!  Anyone know who plays guitar on this one?

Valérie Seymour says:

Magnifique !

Michael J. Eastman says:

One of the best "Big Band" songs/tunes of all time!

CatsPjamas1 says:

@TheSteamtramman Pretty Kitty Kallen certainly lived up to her nickname.

TheSteamtramman says:

My father told me he and his officers grew to hate this particular track as it was played more or less continuously by US troops en route to Korea. On the other hand his crew were all in love with Kitty!

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