Hank Jones – Wave

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Hank Jones – piano


Bruno Siebra says:

Viva o Brasil!

strideman says:

I wonder why it's published in Eb when everyone plays it in D.

mohd syahrel says:

Hank jones speak jazz music love it

Sherrie Kober Evans says:

interesting take on Jobim

Arthur mcWalrus says:

Latino in its best…

Shahrul Azman says:

Always the touching!

Doug Sheffield says:

So classy !!

doc says:

What versatility that man had  every aspect of music. A performer and a student.

Ivo Ponduša says:

One jazz-piano-maestro
One from my favorites…
(July 31th, 1918)
was born..

Gabi Gispert says:

Un altre gran mestre  Hank Jones……!!!!!!

Jair Montaño says:

It's greit, wonderfull!!

thatdudenamedmoe says:

who else is playing on this?

denstrem says:

Great rendition. I have always been a Hank Jones fan.

Douglas Coelho says:

Awesome! Tom jobim is the master of Brasilian music!!!

Luca Ceruti says:

this is fantastic musicianship flowing… thanx for posting quality music!

Offdrive3 says:

a jazz diamond

FYS jazz trio says:

One my favorite to listen to! This is the real jazz education, here are your text books..just listen!

Kim Todora says:

I know! One of the greatest jazz pianists of all time! I had forgotten this great legend had passed.
So many decades of music he us. A treasure

Janetta Whitt-Mitchell says:

I am so sorry he is no longer with us. He joined that Great jazz group up yonder May 16, 2010 at the age of 91.

Yoshihito Fukuda says:

You are right for sure.

Leedysgladstones says:

Why does it have to stop?

kenny gray says:

ignorant peasant

cb0123 says:

Hank Jones plays on Cannanball Adderleys classic Somethin Else….he is just great on 'Autumn Leaves'

imusfan48 says:

Triple A+ rating!!! Fuck you Wall Street or whoever!

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