Hank Jones Trio – Blue Minor (Live)

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“Blue Minor” (Sonny Clark).

David Finck – bass
Jerome Jennings – drums
Hank Jones – piano

Live at Blue Note Tokyo (2010).


James Gallagher says:

Hank Died just a few weeks after this was recorded.

Charles Barry says:

As in the case of Tommy Flanagan, Hank Jones is one of the most tasteful of pianists.

Carmen Alvaro says:


ChristianH1946 says:

Bass : David Wong
Drums : Billy Kilson

CB Davis says:

A Sonny Clark tune! Very hip!

George Prosser says:

Hank Jones  Live at the Blue Note Tokyo..2010.Blue Minor..

boikhutso ponatshego says:


gian paolo Puglisi says:

Great !

George Gerontakos says:

This why trio is my favourite form .

Idan says:

@jmreisser The Public don't like so much Jazz anyway. It makes them think.

marktarmannpiano says:

bark bark bark   trolls and dogs of wanna bee alpha nature like mee   haaa  hush  doggie  :p

Josepha Bonanno says:

Excellent! !!!!! Tres bon trio ! Un drummer vraiment super !

Edwin Anderson says:

My music for the evening.

Jean Marchesini says:

Son phrasé a beaucoup inspiré mes débuts de saxophoniste, ceci autant que Parker. Eh oui ! Je me souviens que ce travail avait été payant, et pas étonné mon pianiste de l'époque !…

Raul Richards says:

Great Trio…Mr. Hank Jones, piano—David Wong, bass.—Billy Kilson, drums.////I met the bassist David Wong at The Charlie Parker Jazz Festival, Playing with Aaron Diehl Quartet(8/25/13) at Tomkins Square Park.(Cool Bassist)♫♪ ♫

Miguel Luna says:


Peter Palaj says:

A beautiful Sony Clark composition.

yves darbellay says:

stop with things like "best of the world" it's just too stupid. Hank jones was asked by miles to play with him and said no, so i guess he was more recognized as you think

Santiago Acevedo Casas says:

buen trio, gracias por el video

Juan Pablo Daza says:

Billy Kilson in the drums

Wood Bass says:

David Wong のベースの音はくっきりしていて素晴らしいが、一般的にベースというと低音にばかり目が向いてしまい、中音以上の周波数を見落としがちですが、600Hz – 3kHz の重要性に注目して音作りしているところが素晴らしい。

Cameron Swan says:

Wow, this whole band plays so tightly together.

Paul Sikivie says:

David Wong on bass. He also plays with The Heath Brothers and Roy Haynes.

Sebastiano Sempio says:

@adeduction drums: Billy Kilson

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