Green Eyes – Bob Eberly and Helen O’Connell

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“Green Eyes” is a popular song, originally written in Spanish under the title “Aquellos Ojos Verdes” (“Those Green Eyes”) by Adolfo Utrera and Nilo Menéndez, 1929. The English translation was made by Eddie Rivera and Eddie Woods in 1931.

The English version of the song was written in 1931 but did not become a major hit till ten years later when recorded by the Jimmy Dorsey orchestra. The recording was made on March 19, 1941 with vocals by Helen O’Connell and Bob Eberly and released by Decca Records as catalog number 3698. The flip side was “Maria Elena.” The record first reached the Billboard charts on May 9, 1941 and lasted 21 weeks on the chart, peaking at #1 (Wikipedia).

Magnificent arrangement of Jimmy Dorsey’s “Green Eyes” by duo Bob Eberly and Helen O’Connell with the Ray Anthony Orchestra from a 1953 Chesterfield Show


Roker Paddock says:

Fantastic timing, singing just behind the beat.

david stanley says:

Wow you can find ANYTHING on  youtube

Dennis Mudge says:

Big Band sounds with Helen O'Connell singing is icing on the cake!

Maria de los Angeles Gonzalez Garcia says:

Thank you!!! march 2017

Peter Wallace says:

One of my all time favourits

Dottie Stone says:

bOY, it doesn't get any better???? too young to be there, but learned from my mama,husband played big band! what a life!!!!

Lisa C says:

I love her phrasing on "those cool AND limpid" Green eyes…..Fantastic music of a bygone era. Born at the wrong time I was.

tonho976 says:

Essas canções nos leva a um estagio de flutuação. Tempos maravilhosos. me identifico muito.

Phodchana Boonkerd says:

Oh so beautiful song …..Green Eyes. And Amapola I like both of them .

marrod Rivera says:

Good music it's always well appreciated anytime and at any age.

larkatmic says:

Boy, have we sure lost our way. Young people today have no idea what this time was like. We dressed appropriately and valued modesty in most things. Popular music wasn't an assault to the ears. Sure they're were many social ills. But no reason to degrade as we have in the last 30 years. We should have evolved, but instead have turned to being like animals, and livestock. Obesity, tattoos, dressing like a homeless person. Wearing flip flops and shorts to the office. Sad, how quickly it went away. We seem to revere the lowest common denominator in most things now. Out went smart, engaged, and a thoughtful society. In came the Me, vulgar, profane, way of acting. When vulgar convicted felons and low life Rap stars became revered and put on pedestals, as messiahs of wisdom for society, is when I knew the party was over.

Pamela Ann Fuller says:

Love Helen's dress in this number.

Pamela Ann Fuller says:

I have green eyes…and my Dad would sing certain parts of this song to me as a little girl…and then admonish himself that I "was too young" for it.  As a teenager, he'd say "Oh…those cool and limpid green eyes…"  And, I never knew until after he passed and I heard this song what he meant!  Gorgeous song!  Love it.

Kinseydsp says:

Saw them at Sunny Brook Ballroom Pottstown Pa.many years ago and Loved it! Dedicated to Angelina My Dear Little Green eyed Blonde who I can never tell that I love her, May The Lord Walk with her!

Sandy Baker says:

That wonderful, lilting seductive benign sexy voice of hers…"Those cool and limpid green eyes…" Oh dear.

John Benn says:

WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From a 72yo Aussie fan.

Bill Lampton, Ph.D. says:

Fine duo–when music depended on violins, not violence. In her later years she was popular as a beauty contest judge.

Eduardo Rivera says:

The white Nat King Cole..

ironyfree says:

She sounds so deliciously, umm, sexy and benign.

Karen Pinner says:

Helen and Bob were great together…..

Jorge Mario Rodas says:

Bonita canción que había escuchado en una versión española titulada "aquellos ojos verdes". No había escuchado esta versión pero me gusta también. Es agradable oírla.

Jorge Mario Rodas says:

NIce song and music. The voices were very well chosen for the song and the music is very well played. I like this music better than what is popular music today.

Gf Black says:

I remember as a kid thinking this was cornball stuff, 50 years later I love it!

Traxxion says:

As good now as it was then.

K. Raine says:

I'm related to him from my dad's side and I absolutely love this song

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