Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra – Imagination

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Another track form the Early Years…This is another big band number where the singer is still regarded as an accessory. This would be 1940 and Frank was just settling in with the Tommy Dorsey Band.

Frank is still learning his craft and is some years away from attaining his ‘Chairman of the Board’ and ‘ole Blue eyes’ dominance.
However, he was becoming the star attraction with the ‘Bobby Sox’ generation of young women – they were becoming aware of him through radio broadcasts and were rushing out to buy his records
The Bands of the Swing era were the best vehicles for an aspiring singer to use to become a star in their own right. — And it was quickly becoming a two way traffic in celebrity exchange.
The Band is the Tommy Dorsey Swing Band, which was becoming a hothouse for singing talent — Having signed up Jo Stafford and the Pied Pipers,( the harmony group of which Jo was a founder member) among other top singers.
In the photo of the Dorsey Band Frank is on the extreme right at the back with the rest of the band’s Singers.