Eliane Elias – Live at Rochester Jazz Festival

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“Eliane Elias wowed the crowd at Kilbourn Hall Wednesday night in a show filled with sambas and bossa novas from her native Brazil. For decades Elias has been known as a formidable pianist; in recent years her singing has become an equally important part of her music. She sang songs by Antonio Carlos Jobim and others in the original Portuguese. Only on “Call Me” and on the bridge in “The Girl From Ipanema” did she sing in English” – Ron Netsky/Rochester City News.

Track listing:

“Ladeira da Prequiça”

“Chega de Saudade”

“They Can’t Take That Away From Me”

“A Rã(The Froq)”

“Influência do Jazz/

Quem Diz Que Sabe”

(Eliane Elias Solo Piano)

“Chiclets Com Banana”

“The Girl From Ipanema”


Eliane Elias – piano and vocals
Rubens de La Corte – guitar
Marc Johnson – bass
Rafael Barata – drums


Kilbourn Hall on Wednesday, June 27.