Edmond Hall ‎– Rumpus On Rampart Street (Full Album)

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A1 Rumpus On Rampart Street 0:00
A2 Neighbors 3:14
A3 Rose In Her Windows 6:03
A4 Flyin’ High 9:23
A5 American Tempo 13:06
B1 Swingin’ 15:39
B2 Hallelujah! 18:34
B3 Dawn On The Desert 21:25
B4 Lover 24:16
B5 African Fu-Fu 28:41


Al Hall – bass
Edmond Hall, Herb Hall  – clarinet  (tracks: A1,B2-4), Omer Simeon (tracks: A1,B2-4)
Jimmy Crawford – drum
Jimmy Raney – guitar
Dick Cary – piano

Released: 1960


schnieef says:

"Dawn On The Desert" is very moody piece.

Bruce Williams says:

Thank you very much. Delightful!

Garramedia says:

What a breathtaking clarinet player Mr. Hall!!

MrJimmienoone says:

When you have several saxophones playing together, it's a sax set. When you have several clarinets playing together, it' s group sex. At least, it's comparably nice.

Peter Meili says:

Rampart Street
Rose in her Window
Flyin' high
Amercan Tempo
Dawn on the Desert*
African Fu-Fu
Ed Hall cl, Omer Simeon cl*, Herb Hall cl*, Dick Cary p, Jimmy Raney g, Al Hall b, Jimmy Crawford dr.

Hans Pfaall says:

Tres grandes en el clarinete: Johnny Dodds, Sidney Bechet y Edmond Hall.

¡Gracias por compartirlo!

Mr. Najponk says:

yeah I agree….count me in poppa

Billy Batts says:

What can I say? I'm a fan! Thanks Pops.

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