Eberhard Weber Sextet – Live at Funkhaus

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Eberhard Weber (born 22 January 1940 in Stuttgart) is a German double bassist and composer. As a bass player, he is known for his highly distinctive tone and phrasing. Weber’s compositions blend chamber jazz, European classical music, minimalism and ambient music, and are regarded as characteristic examples of the ECM Records sound.

Track listing:

1. Often in the Open
2. Maurizius
3. Death in the Carwash


Eberhard Weber – basses
Paul McCandless – soprano sax, oboe, english horn, bass clarinet
Bill Frisell – guitars
Lyle Mays – keyboards
Michael Di Pasqua – drums
Mario Castronari – percussion


Recorded live in Hamburg on February 26, 1983

NDR Jazz Workshop No. 168
Funkhaus NDR, Studio 10