Dorothy Dandridge – at Velvet Niteclub (1953)

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Dorothy Dandridge – vocals


Jessikah C says:

She was beautiful

LaToya Farrell says:

The epitome of beauty! An absolute stunning woman Ms. Dorothy was

Lisa Simone says:

My absolute favorite everything about her is radiant all of the actresses that I took care of at the Beverly Hills Senior home talked so highly of her I've never seen women's eyes light up so bright while talking about someone she's truly someone to admire because the way she carried herself was the true definition of a lady with genuine class

Laura Zamot-Backus says:

Halle Berry looks like her.

Paul Charvert says:

Great Talent. Great Beauty. Today is 11/09/16. Miss Dandridge was born today in 1922

Curtis Peoples says:

Just Stunning, one of our black goddesses, R.I.P. Miss Dandrige,your name will live on forever! !!!!!

Walter Butler says:

THAT is a star! Wow! What magnetism. Oh poor dorothy I cna't believe u killed yourself and were unhappy.

Entertain You says:

Thanks for sharing^^^

summerbabetoo says:

She was Beautiful & Classy RIP Beautiful

You is a star says:

Is she lip-syncing? Are those audiences real? That is are they setup or are they really guests at nightclubs?

Tasha Woods says:

Just a beautiful lady

Beautifulstar24 says:

She had a great voice and this is one of my favorite renditions of this song.

Mily Martell says:

Fucking GORGEOUS!!

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