Dorothy Dandridge and Paul White – A Zoot Suit (For My Sunday Gal)

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“A Zoot Suit (For My Sunday Gal) was written by Wolfe Gilbert and Bob O’Brien. It received a lot of attention; it was one of the most popular tunes of its time. It was played on jukeboxes, in diners, bars, and juke joints everywhere. It seemed to say something valid and important about the music and spirit of the times.

First Half
The guy sings to The gal, who appears to be a seamstress, describing the clothes he wants her to make for him. If she makes them well, he can properly sport his favorite lady in the style he desires on Sunday, his day off. Of course, the style he wants is the zoot suit.
The gal assures him that she knows exactly the kind of clothes he wants by describing the outfit she’s going to make for him. She’s so in, he confirms his order. Then he asks her what she wants to wear.

Second Half
The gal answers by describing the outfit she’s going to wear to please her man on Sunday, her day off. The guy realizes that her man wears a zoot suit and that she wars the female counterpart to the zoot suit. She must be in the groove.
The guy is now positive the gal knows the clothes he wants her to make for him and he reaffirms his order.” – pancocojams.


Dorothy Dandridge – vocals

Paul White – vocals




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