Dinah Washington – Back to the Blues

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Back to the Blues is a fifteenth studio album by Dinah Washington, arranged by Fred Norman.

“… This is a more successful date than Washington’s earlier investigation of Bessie Smith material, since the backup band is more sympathetic and the talented singer is heard in prime form. Dinah Washington clearly had a real feeling for this bluesy material” (Scott Yanow/AllMusic).



Track listing:
“The Blues Ain’t Nothin’ But a Woman Cryin’ for Her Man” (J. Mayo Williams) – 3:46
“Romance in the Dark” (Lil Green) – 2:12
“You’ve Been a Good Old Wagon” (Perry Bradford) – 3:50
“Let Me Be the First to Know” (Leroy Kirkland, Dinah Washington, P. Woods) – 2:39
“How Long, How Long Blues” (Leroy Carr) – 4:58
“Don’t Come Running Back to Me” (Johnson, Washington, Woods) – 2:23
“It’s a Mean Old Man’s World” (Kirkland, Washington) – 3:10
“Key to the Highway” (Big Bill Broonzy, Charlie Segar) – 2:39
“If I Never Get to Heaven” (Napp, Washington) – 3:44
“Duck Before You Drown” (Napp, Washington) – 2:11
“No Hard Feelings” (Jacobs, Al Roberts) – 2:33
“Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning” (Pearl Delaney, Tom Delaney) – 8:40

Dinah Washington – vocals
Fred Norman – arranger
Billy Butler – guitar
Eddie Chamblee – tenor saxophone
Illinois Jacquet – tenor saxophone


Released: 1963
Recorded: 1962
Length: 43:02
Label: Roulette