Dave Holland, Pepe Habichuela ‎– Hands (Full ALbum)

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Hands is a 2010 album by English jazz double bassist Dave Holland and Spanish flamenco guitarist Pepe Habichuela.

“Dave Holland is best known as one of the great jazz bassists of his generation. Pepe Habichuela is an awe-inspiring flamenco guitarist. The two of them together, with Josemi and Carlos Carmona on additional guitars as well as a pair of percussionists, prove to be a wonderful combination. Holland brings his own experience to flamenco, subsuming himself in the genre, his bass imitating a voice on the glorious “Camaron,” and giving free rein to the percussionists on “Joyride.” It’s Habichuela’s magical fingers that mesmerize, covering the scales as adroitly as any pianist and bringing a rich fullness and a stunning imagination to the sound. But what’s really at work here is a group consciousness, an exploration of flamenco, and the listener shares Holland’s journey. There’s nothing here that’s diluted — this is hardcore flamenco, very much the real thing — and the hard realism is one of the great pleasures. Even though it can be overwhelming at times, that’s in a good way.” – Chris Nickson/AllMusic.

“In the sleeve notes, Habichuela writes, “We are now two Gypsies, or better yet still, he (Holland) is now a Gypsy, and I am almost an Englishman.” Generosity of spirit permeates every minute of Hands, which is a joy from start to finish.” – Chris May/AllAboutJazz.

Track listing:
“Hands (Fandango de Huelva)” (José Antonio Carmona and José Miguel Carmona) – 5:58
“Subi la cuesta (Tangos)” (José Antonio Carmona) – 5:00
“Camarón (Taranta)” (José Antonio Carmona) – 5:42
“The Whirling Dervish” (Dave Holland) – 7:32
“Yesqueros (Media granaína)” (José Antonio Carmona) – 3:22
“El ritmo me lleva (Rumba)” (José Antonio Carmona) – 5:52
“Bailaor (Seguiriya cabal)” (José Antonio Carmona) – 9:01
“Joyride” (Dave Holland) – 5:30
“Puente quebrao (Bulería)” (José Antonio Carmona) – 5:37
“My Friend Dave (Soleá)” (José Antonio Carmona) – 3:03

Dave Holland – double bass
Pepe Habichuela – guitar
Josemi Carmona – guitar
Carlos Carmona – guitar
Israel Porrina (Piraña) – cajón and percussion
Juan Carmona – cajón and percussion


Released: October 5, 2010
Recorded: March 16–20, 2009
Studio: CATA Studio, Madrid
Length: 56:38
Label: Dare2 (EmArcy/Universal)
Producer: Dave Holland
Josemi Carmona