Count Basie & Helen Humes – I Cried for You

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“I Cried for You” is a  jazz standard with music written by Arthur Freed and Abe Lyman, with lyrics by Gus Arnheim.
Count Basie & Helen Humes

Count Basie small group with Helen Humes vocal.


  • Count Basie – piano
  • Buddy DeFranco – clarinet
  • Freddie Green – guitar
  • Wardell Gray – tenor saxophone
  • Helen Humes – vocals


Gerald Johnson says:

June 23rd: Happy birthday Jazz-Blues singer Helen Humes (1913-1981) Thank you and God bless. RIP. Thanks for the upload, Bob Hardy. Blessings

Pierre Beauregard says:

Buddy DeFranco on clarinet. The Count. I am living the dream.

Jim Brown says:

What a delight! This was Basie's fine small band of the early '50s. Personnel varied a bit, but I recognize clarinetist Buddy DeFranco, guitarist Freddie Green, and, of course Wardell Gray, who has the fine Prez-influenced tenor solo. In the mid-70s, Helen Humes followed Billie Holiday in the Basie band in the late '30s when Bille left to do her own thing. I got to work with Helen in a Chicago jazz club where I was running the sound system. She was just as delightful then as in this recording — a warm, friendly, unpretentious lady. It's wonderful to see and hear her here when she was much younger.

Smoked Robot Pâté says:

this should be in fallout 4

Tavga Hawrame says:

She is great singer . thanks 

fastborzoi says:

what a joy to find & re-find, thank you

fastborzoi says:

this is the only recording with Wardell Gray I've ever seen, thank you I'm so appreciative —
plus Helen, Basie band, it's superlative.

maeviac30 says:

Clearly the ones that are really and truly jazz snobs make snippy ass comments as you did,about people like me commenting on the real jazz snobs as u..

Pilates Essencial Rosa Carreira says:

que bonito! WIE SCHOEN! che belo! HOW BEAUTIFUL"

chichilala99 says:

Ah, get it Helen! I certainly miss her – dear friend and dulcet singer with a touch of real bad girl in her….oh, could she make me smile! Thank you for posting.

jazmaan says:

Wardell is killer! And Helen is sublime. Thank You!

joemaranzano says:

Please post also "if I Could Be With You" from this session!

Bob Hardy says:

Only people who are real jazz snobs make comments like this

maeviac30 says:

Jazz snobs! Ew!

Joe Carbery says:

What a master tenor player Wardell was!

direfranchement says:

My didn't she have a beautiful smile? Her clear enjoyment of singing is infectious!

richard russell says:

A great singer, sang like an instrument, style and class.

Sovery Strange says:

Mood: Breathless…

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