Coleman Hawkins, Django Reinhardt – Stardust

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“Stardust” (Hoagy Carmichael).

Coleman Hawkins – tenor saxophone
Django Reinhardt – guitar
Stephan Grappelli – piano
recorded in 1935


wk m says:

smooth man smooth

Torbjörn Brunzell says:

Wonderful… Hawkins with his smooth sound

Manuel Silva says:

there is also a double bass there…

Pachin - says:


Dorothy Lee says:

The best version of this tune ever!

Johnny Dee says:

love Grappelli's piano on this

fernando garcia says:

Que lindo! Bean com Grappelli e Django, que som!

moses strathern says:

Are the stars out? Is that Antares off in the distance? Does this stardust linger? and beside a garden wall when stars are bright….ah, but that was long ago….

Daniele Drammauta says:

if you know of a nicer piece of music, I invite you to post it. I doubt it, nonetheless.

dale nulik says:

Its 1937 and we're in Paris, love this.

Meggie Santos says:


Sue Schultz says:

My Dad was one of the cutters for CBS at the Benny Goodman Carnegie Hall concert in the late 30's, he would sometimes mention how piece of music would give him goosebumps. I was about 3 seconds in listening to this when I so got that. Thanks

orlando46 says:

essa é uma das melhores versões  de Stardust!!!

Austin Casey says:

I'd bet money that Hawkins was inspired by Freddie Gardner's recording. Same instrumentation and a similar feel… only the Gardner version is more of a ballad. Both great recordings.

Patrick Devery says:

wonderful music from three great artists.

Guiohm Deruffi says:

fantastic, thanks for sharing this.

Ricko s says:

Hawkins' solo on this, as well as "Hello Lola" is matchless…..

richard hayes says:

One of Hawkins´best solos.  With Grapelli on piano yet. These times will not co9me back I fear,

José Manuel Contreras says:

You forgot to say Grappelli is playing the piano. Marvelous!!!!!!! 

Morahman7vnNo2 says:

Damn, the Japanese always seem to have some of the finest Jazz records.

Giovanna Magliaretta says:

Increíble, tres genios juntos en una rara ocasión y Grappelli tocando el piano…..Gracias por publicar esta joya….

Muziekgenot says:

The greatest of them greatest. Impossible not te become completely enchanted by this sheer wonderful music

linda tinkoff says:

Bird, Hawk, Dexter

Michael Sheehy says:

1) Tenor Sax: Coleman Hawkins, Guitar: Django Reinhardt, Piano: Stephen Grappelli

2) Swing

3) 32 Bar ABAC

4) I came across this song and found it has been described as a swing number, which is interesting since it is slower then a lot of other swing out there, which really drew me in. It definitely sounds like a great music to have on in the background.

Veronica Holmes says:

Love it !!! thanks to share it =)

木下剛太 says:


Gladys Cor says:

fabuloso solo de Coleman Hawkins,y Django Renhardat gracias por compartir.

dfmontgomery91 says:

thanks for posting, amigo !

Danielle Gilson says:

but how did this lovely recording happen? in Europe or US – when/where they together?

Geoff Stokes says:

Stardust is on the first vinyl LP my father bought me in 1954 when I was 15yrs old I am now 74 and still love that record, awesome

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